Pocahontas is cool and One Million Moms is the dumbest shit alive

This shit is so fucking good. Pocahontas is so wise. Can you imagine this song being in any children’s movie nowadays? Those bigoty losers over at One Million Moms (more like one million shit bombs) would probably deem it inappropriate. I don’t know why, but crazy bitches can always find something wrong with anything. I don’t know about you, but right-wing, religious, bigoty nuts who probably have their own “Bleach Your Asshole At Home!” kits are not my cup of tea.

BAH yes! Image via imeanwhat.com

These are the same bitches who got mad at JCPenny for hiring Ellen-ELLEN- to be a spokeswoman for their half-assed brand. How can anyone who isn’t the most evil person alive not like Ellen? Seriously. Think about it. She dances! She wears Keds! What’s not to like? Fuck them. Pocahontas and Ellen are the baddest gals in town.

Also, can somebody start an activism group called “One Million Toms” that’s just a shit ton of gay dudes half-nakedly dancing to episodes of Ellen? They can call whomever OMM is protesting that week and ask for the opposite. “We LOVE the sexually explicit content on your primetime show. More nipples and bare ass plz!” PLEASE make this happen, anyone with time and money for activism, and preferably the first name Tom.

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