Forever Young: Jessie Spano’s caffeine pill addiction


Jessie Spano and her caffeine pills (that could totally be a band name). One of the most classic, semi-harmless addictions of all time. And to stay awake to study for tests, no less! Most people take drugs because they hate their boring lives, not to prepare for a better future. Well done, Jessie Spano. You took drugs to a whole nother level. Proud of you, girl.

5 thoughts on “Forever Young: Jessie Spano’s caffeine pill addiction

  1. I remember that episode! It’s ironic that her character was always getting mad at Slater for calling her a “Sexy Momma” and then she ends up running around naked in Showgirls.

  2. haha, to be perfect honestly I probably think about this Saved By the Bell episode at least once a week. “Remember that time we were riding our bikes home after seeing E.T…”

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