Movies: American Reunion

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 American Reunion is kind of the fourth movie in the American Pie series. There was American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding and now American Reunion with the same cast from the original flick. Then there were all those teen, super soft-core pornish movies under the title American Pie Presents that were straight to DVD and pretty successful due to horny kids and weird adults.

You know what you’re getting into when you see an American Pie movie: Dick jokes, blow jobs, pubic hair, MILFs, awkward sexuality, sex with inanimate objects and unnecessary nakedness. Those things are the cornerstone of the AP movies, and American Reunion is no different.

The cast is older, obviously. Some look a little more worse for wear than others. We all know what Tara Reid has been through. It was nice to see her working. Jason Biggs looks exactly the same to the point where it must be witchcraft. Thomas Ian Nicholas who plays Kev will always have a place in my heart from the movies he was in A Kid in King Arthur’s CourtHe definitely has some crows feet and awkward facial hair in the movie, but that shit happens. The rest of the cast kind of looks the same as always.

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In terms of inside jokes, which you would have to know if you’ve seen the previous big screen films, they are EVERYWHERE. It’s almost exhausting  how many jokes and references to the old movies are running rampant. Milfs, Jim jerking off and something horrible happening to him, Finch and bathrooms, anything Stiffler says, etc. It’s like the movie had those VH1 pop-ups in verbal form!

The movie definitely took a progressive step (for an American Pie movie) in featuring bro-y gay men kissing and getting married who are friends of Stiffler. If there’s a young demographic that needs to be exposed to more forward thinking, I’m pretty sure it’s most of the American Pie fans. Also, sexual awkwardness, humiliation and gain were for the most part equal among the genders. You see Stifler going down on a ‘fat chick  who gives great head’ just to have her be like “thanks, now fuck off.” Hell yeah. I guess American Pie has portrayed equal sexual favors for everyone since the beginning. Good for them.

This movie is worth watching if you’ve got a dollar and a Redbox when it comes to DVD. Sometimes you just need to laugh about penis jokes and see people get into horrible, awkward situations. Plus, it’s nice to see a group of people working that haven’t really been in a lot of other movies with the exception of John Cho (hell yeah Asian actors, I want an Asian pop star!!!). It almost feels like the American Pie cast was meant for these roles, because they all play them really well. It’s a group of faces that makes you feel something, whether it be about your awkward sexual youth or a group of high school friends reuniting. We can relate to both, so even if the dialogue is rushed and the plot is predictable, it still feels good to watch these goons doing crazy shit.

Sidenote: The budget for wigs was obviously whack because they were AWFUL. xoxox!

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