Netflix nightcap: Happily Ever After (Ils Se Marierent et Eurent Beaucoup D’Enfants)

They get into crazy food fights that symbolize their connection, although part of the connection appears to be in danger. Image via

Ils Se Marierent et Eurent Beaucoup D’Enfants

Happily Ever After (Ils Se Marierent et Eurent Beaucoup D’Enfants) is a movie about a couple and their thoughts and actions about love, marriage and affairs. The English title is actually a lame translation, but this happens often during translated movie titles. The French translation is roughly along the lines of “They Married and Had Many Children” which could be interpreted as their childish actions in regards to their relationship, love and commitment.

Image via wikimedia

The premise of the story is a married couple with a child who both have thoughts of infidelity. Stereotypically, the men in the film pine over women that are equally as desirable as their wives who they are annoyingly bored with. The men come off as weak, child-like creatures who want new, shiny toys to fuck up their lives with.

The female perspective on affairs and cheating is more contemplative. I don’t know if it’s because this is a true portrayal of a woman straying or if it’s kind of another stereotype in cheating. But then again, maybe the path to affairs is unique depending on gender. Dudes seem to go for it, without much thought, and women seem to really think about it before taking the leap.

The couple obviously loves each other, but for some reason there has been a disconnect somewhere don the line that has them both thinking of other lovers.

I really liked the movie though. It’s sometimes hard to watch infidelity in film, because it’s something I don’t understand. However, I’ve been watching a few films that deal with the subject to understand it more, like the film Last NightStraying in a relationship or a marriage is a lot more complex than writing any individual off as a total jerkface. After all, we are all single human beings with a unique life and unique desires. Who are we to really judge someone else’s relationship and choices?

I love Charlotte Gainsbourg. She has this look in her eyes whenever she casts a sideways glance that would make you believe she is looking through different dimensions. Just amazing.

It’s in French with subtitles, and I definitely recommend it.

PS let’s learn French!!!! I’m a little bit of a francophile. They seem so fabulously salty and stylish. My fave combination.


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