Netflix nightcap: Last Night

Last Night is the tale of a married couple who both flirt dangerously with infidelity. The movie explores the subject better than most movies who attempt to go down a “will-they-or-won’t-they” path of straying partners. You get to see how two people can be married and love each other, yet at the same time have urges for something else. 

You also get to see how we all have past relations with other people that may not completely die or ever go away, but won’t ever really become anything either. Kind of a, we are the way we are because we are. If that makes sense.

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There are also a lot of nationalities at play in the movie that isn’t really a central storyline, which is strange. Normally movies try to overwork or overplay the fact that “worlds are colliding.” But this movie shows a more honest side of people falling in love without a huge conflict being that they’re from different places. It was more about the meat of being a human and having these intense feelings inside and outside of marriage and geography.

Keira Knightley is always amazing, and Eva Mendes was surprisingly good as well. Guillaume Canet was super hot and alluring and Sam Worthington kind of just played the questioning brutish character who you don’t expect a whole lot from (in the movie or as a real life character.)

Totally a movie you can watch if you want something that explores relationships and fidelity. Also the apartments in this movie are really cool and envious.

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