Netflix nightcap: The Walking Dead

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Seriously, WATCH THIS SHOW. Zombie apocalypse, but done in a way classier and storyteller way than most gory and campy zombie movies. It’s amazing.

A sheriff wakes up from a coma to a world completely changed. The zombie apocalypse has happened. He goes on to find his family and other survivors as they deal with an entirely different society chock full of new undead enemies. Even if you’re not into zombies, this show takes it to a more realistic level in terms of story and character development.

As of now, the first season is just on Netflix. But, the second season JUST ended, and you can either surf a way to stream it or wait until those turd businessmen finalize a “deal” to get it to us through some paid network. (Seriously, you;d think they’d get this shit together by now. We’re either going to watch it on Netflix or Hulu, their website or stream it somewhere else. Get with the times, Hollywood. You’re embarrassing yourself more than usual.)

WATCH THIS SHOW NOW!!!! But not before bed, because you WILL have nightmares about zombies eating your skull.

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