Forever Young (and bigoty): Kirk Cameron

Let’s stop hating each other and saying the gays are ruining civilization, eh Kirk?

PS: It’s not very Christian-like to judge others. Ya burnt!

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5 thoughts on “Forever Young (and bigoty): Kirk Cameron

      1. How long before Cameron is outed in a “glory hole” incident at a rest stop on I-95? What homophobes never seem to quite understand is that *they’re* just about the only ones who really care about the sexual preferences of others. Accusing those who hate and denounce homosexuality the loudest and most conspicuously of being “closet cases” is an easy punch line, but honestly — how many hundreds of times has it happened in recent years??

  1. When I was coming back to Santiago from Patagonia, they made us watch a Christian marriage propaganda film starring Kurt Cameron. It had a firefighter theme and they taught you to “fire proof your marriage.” My favorite part was when he brought his wife Chik-fil-a to show her that he really loved her.

    1. Oh my god. I really want chik fil a now. The key to any successful romance, bigoty chicken!! That company hates the gays, they probably funded the entire movie. How weird. And yeah, I’ve seen some pretty awful movies on bus rides around south America. Kind of make the bus rides way more fun though.

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