Rush Limbaugh, Turd champion of the year

Rush Limbaugh, one of the turdiest of turds that was ever crapped out of a genderless hole somewhere outside of Buttfuck Nowhere, Iowa, is losing a mountain of advertisers after he called Sandra Fluke, a college woman who supports affordable and accessible birth control for women regardless of their employer/school’s religious affiliation, a “slut” who wants America to pay for her “prostitution.”

HA HA! Maybe Rush has forgotten that despite republican/democratic/conservative/liberal made-up lines of “divided nation-ness”, women hold positions of power too. Positions that deal with money and advertising money. And a great deal of the country is quite alright with women having birth control, and hopefully applauding the fact that Rush Limbaugh sucks. Birth control really isn’t a political stance anymore, but a dwindling religious, hate-filled, judgmental stance that only controlling psychopaths care about.

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA I hope his show gets cancelled. Advertisers taking money away from him will do for now, though.

Can somebody start a “Rush Limbaugh is a dirty slut” tumblr? This one will do for now.

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