Relationship Inspiration: Coco and Ice-T

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I love Coco and Ice-T. I’m such a sucker for a true love story, especially in Hollywood. With so many shitty, 72-day marriages and general disregard for commitment in the egomaniacal world of Hollywood, it’s refreshing to see a couple that has lasted almost 11 years. In Hollywood, where we can treat lengths of relationships like dog years, that’s like 37 years and 5 kids together.

Ice and Coco with their cute nieces. Image via

Upon watching their E! True Hollywood Story (easily one of the most entertaining shows eva) I learned a lot about their relationship and even got a little choked up (read: I NEED A FULL TIME JOB). They seem so genuinely in love and true companions. Coco could so easily be written off as a bimbo with fake boobs, but every time I see her on television she seems sweet, caring and a nice person with a super bodacious body and personality. She even has a clothing line for curvy girls called “Licious” which is hilarious.

I actually really like their reality show Ice Loves Coco. Again, like my opinion of the Kardashians, Ice and Coco are focused people with careers and ambitions and a light-hearted, committed relationship. Which, in the day and age of reality shows, I’ll take some self-indulgent celebrities with good heads on their shoulders and no drug/alcohol addictions any day over Jersey Shore.

Also, Ice said this: “Diet food is for lazy people.” Amazing. Ice Loves Coco may just be my new fave reality show.


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