Grammy fashion hits, misses and hot messes

HIT: Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad

Taylor Swift was impeccably dressed and styled. This girl is getting some really good fashion and style advice, or she just has an eye for great pieces.

HIT: Adele in Armani

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adele’s look for the Grammys. Her hair looks a little lighter than usual and it’s shorter. It’s fresh, much like her return to music. The lipstick and earrings compliment the gorgeous dress. I love long dresses so much, and hers looks glamourous and absolutely perfect for all the Grammys she’s gonna take home!!

Hit: Rihanna in Armani

HOT HOT HOT. Rihanna looked confident and very sexy in the Versace dress she helped design. The plunging neckline shows off her killer abs (holy moly!) Stunning.

Hit: Jessie J in Julien MacDonald

I loved this look immediately when I saw it. It’s shiny, fun and perfect for the Grammys! Jessie J definitely did good at her first Grammy awards.

Miss: Robyn

Robyn’s outfit is very much her. I think the shoes are pretty cool, and the dress is cool too, but not for the Grammys. But to be honest, it looked a lot better on camera than in a photo, because in the photo, her “train” looks a little an unraveled roll of fabulous toilet paper. And the t-shirt top is a little confusing as well. But fuck it, Robyn rocks.

Miss: Katy Perry

The dress is really pretty, but her hair ruins this look. It’s not so much the color, but the poofy updo. Also, the dress is kind of a preview into pastel colors for spring, but it would be better suited in an old Florence and the Machine video than the 2012 Grammys.

Miss: Fergie in Jean-Paul Gaultier

Oh, sweet Fergie Ferg. She always wants so bad to be the wild card fashionista of the night, but she always, always falls short. The silhouette of the lace dress is gorgeous, and the color is simply spectacular. There’s just something off about this outfit. It could be her timid-ish attitude, or her hair and earrings paired with the visible lingerie. Because really, if you’re going to wear this outfit, you better have the fucking personality to pull it off.

Hot Mess: Taraji P. Henson

This is my worst dressed pick. Oh my God. This looks like something straight from a small town prom. The cut and fabric look so bad in photos, I wonder if the dress was better in person. I won’t hold my breath. There are just so many things that are wrong with this dress. She could have look so so so much better. Fire your stylist, now! (And good God, if you don’t have one, get one)

HOT MESS: Nicki Minaj’s Catholic Grammys

Yes, it was daring and it definitely got the people going, but I despised Nikki Minaj’s outfit and Pope date. First of all, it looks like a cape 3 sizes too big for her. Yes, Versace is a genius but good lord, that was more fit for a midnight showing of Lord of the Rings over the Grammys. Also, why Catholic? Is she creeping in on Lady Gaga and Madonna’s affliction for bad catholic girls? I’m ALL FOR exciting and strange Grammy outfits, but this one is just confusing.

Host: LL Cool J

LL Cool J did a fantastic job hosting the Grammys! He was calm, cool and collected. A perfect pick for host. Good job Cool!

Images via Larry Busacca/Getty Images and TMZ

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