It Girl: Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara in Vogue. Photo via
Our new favorite it girl, Rooney Mara in Vogue. Photo via

Things are only getting better for Rooney Mara. Not only is she an Oscar nominee for her portrayal as Lisbeth Salander in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but her family’s football team the New York Giants just won the Superbowl. Oh, and her fashion choices at awards season have her in just about ever fashion magazine and blog imaginable.

Photo via
Photo via

If that show “Best Week Ever” was still on, she would definitely be having it (waaaaay over the New York Giants even, because that game was boring as shit and got upstaged by the Queen herself, Madonna). Or at least she is having a best 3 month arch. Now all she needs is to meet the man of her dreams who is nothing like any famous person ever (because they all get divorced and that’s not the fairytale!), win the Best Actress Oscar, and be on every fashion magazine across the world. And solve cancer. With her cheekbones. And edgy style.

I also really like that she was the girl who turned down Zuckerberg in The Social Network, because he seems like the kind of person who should be dumped. (Keep selling our info, you billionaire hussy!)

The transformation of Rooney Mara into her on-screen and off-screen character, Lisbeth Salander. Photo via
The transformation of Rooney Mara into her on-screen and off-screen character, Lisbeth Salander. Photo via

She even got all those piercings for her role in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, including getting her nipple pierced. It’s so refreshing to know that out of the billions of flash-in-the-pan, up-and-coming celebrity actresses, one of them is un-vainly capable of actually committing to the role fully, without nudity and hairstyle clauses. Commitment is so fucking hot.

At the annual Oscars nominees luncheon (oh to by a fly on that wall), Mara had this to say about keeping her nipple piercing. “I don’t want to re-pierce it should we do the other two films.” Hot! I wish I had a work obligation to get a nipple piercing. Some girls have all the luck.

It is also impressive that her most famous character to date, Lisbeth Salander, is echoing throughout the promotion of the movie and awards season. You can see Lisbeth influence her hair, wardrobe and attitude throughout various appearances. Her appearance is becoming a sort of parallel reality with her character, which is an amazing way to promote the movie and her career as an all-encompassing actress.

Her next big big big event will be the Academy Awards (one of my favorite nights of the year. So many celebs, who’s gonna be the shining stahhhh?!) I, along with everyone starved for a not drug-addicted person to watch in Hollywood, am very excited to see what Mara will wear to the Academy Awards airing February 26th. Good luck, gurlfren.

Rooney Mara, vogueing. Photo via
Rooney Mara, vogueing. Photo via


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