This is WAY cool: St. Vincent to guest on Gossip Girl

Fabulous. Photo via St. Vincent's flickr

I can’t believe St. Vincent, our beloved Annie Clark is going to be on Gossip Girl. It was cool enough when they got Lady Gaga and Lizzie Mcguire to be on their show, but this is just way too cool.

The episode featuring St. Vincent is going to air February 13, the Valentine’s day episode. I have to be honest: I haven’t been watching Gossip Girl. I should just turn in my life card right now. I turned away from Gossip Girl during… season 4 I believe. When Georgina was conning Dan into raising her baby that he thought was his… it was a little weird and far-fetched. Even for GG. +1 for Kristen Bell being Gossip Girl though. She is SO EFFING COOL.

Annie Clark, you are just so heavenly. Photo via St. Vincent's flickr

Now I hear Blair got a royal wedding and maybe, probably something dramatic happened there as well. You’d think they’d chill out and sit down once in a while and watch Netflix. But that would be boring television. Plus they need to show off their fabulous wardrobes. The stylist on that show is beyond fabulous.

St. Vincent will be playing her songs “Cruel” and “Cheerleader” off her latest album Strange Mercy. The album is awesome, and I bought tickets last weekend for her spring tour which I am mondo excited for. Plus they were only 20 bucks. Annie knows we are living on a 20something poor and fabulous budget. She is a queen.

She will also be on an upcoming episode of the brilliant Portlandia, where “the dream of the 90s is alive in Portland.”

Yay for Annie!!!!!!!

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