Infuriation: Sensa is bullshit

Just what America, the first world and the Capitol (Hunger Games, anyone?) needs: Something to sprinkle over their copious amounts of food so they don’t eat as much. Goody!

Fuck you, Sensa.

I hate this product. Yet I love how every year something equally as stupid always comes out with a ton of  these **** symbols next to the “LOSE WEIGHT FOR GOOD” claims that lead to small print that say “average results with regular diet and exercise.” Which pretty much translates to “give us some money so we can tell you to workout and not eat like shit.” Your bitchy gym rat friend could tell you that for free.

Yeah right. Image via

Hello Hunger Games!!! Who remembers the scene where the Capitol folks are at a party and they are eating so much amazing, rich food that they throw up when they get full so they can eat and indulge more? Fucking ridiculous. That is exactly what this fucking “weight loss” product is: Promoting indulgence because God forbid any American trying to lose weight actually watch what they eat and workout.

Newsflash for anyone thinking about trying this: WHAT is it even? Is this going to cause health problems down the road? What kind of chemicals are you putting on your food? What kind of food would you sprinkle Sensa on anyways?

Some tough love folks: Eating like shit will always make you look and feel like shit. The people over at Sensa are nothing more than dick businessmen trying to make a quick buck off of a huge market such as weightloss. Preying on insecure people, what a shitty yet sadly effective business model.

Veggies, fruits, proteins and EXERCISE. Everyone’s priority should be to be healthy, not skinny. And it can be done WITHOUT stupid shit like Sensa. Fucking maddening!

PS: People in Hollywood and with money don’t honestly take shit supplements like this. They get paid to endorse it, and then pay a personal trainer and dietician to sculpt their figures. Right, Kardashians?