Forever Young: Schmidt

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I LOVE me some New GirlAnd I really, really don’t want to pick favorites because I love all the characters. But Schmidt is so fucking great. He’s a pest, but a lovable, beautiful, big-hearted pest.

Favorite comeback of all-time: “You’ve got some Schmidt on your face!”


La Tele: Ryan Kwanten will guest on New Girl

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Yeah, that guy’s hot.

Ryan Kwanten, from Jason Stackhouse True Blood fame, is going to be Jess’ one night stand on an upcoming episode of New Girl. It will be weird to see Ryan without a southern accent. Hopefully his character has one, or else I’m going to have to watch seasons 1-2 of True Blood, before it got weird with faeries and werewolves and shit. I know those people are mondo attractivo, but how is that show still on?! Anyways, I hope Sookie and Vampire Bill are together. I’m always a champion for the soul mate-like connection.

YAY New Girl!

Love: Zooey Deschanel and New Girl

 Zooey Deschanel on a weekly basis. Finally! There’s only so much our She & Him discs can do for us to get our sweet Zooey D fix.

New Girl. I love her outfits, her unsure but sweet persona and her all-male, crazy roomies.

Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield, is awesome. He may be the best character on the show. You want to hate him, but it’s impossible. Who doesn’t know someone exactly like Schmidt? The slightly annoying yet good-intentioned guy, who for some reason thinks it’s cool to say things like “bromance,” show everyone his abs and be waaaaay to into his hair gel. The fact that he used to be chubby in college makes his ab talk and vanity excusable, because lets face it: Beautiful people from 0-60 are harder to love. Fact.

The only thing I dislike is the use of the word ‘Adorkable’ to describe the show and the truly angelic Zooey D. I can just see that word on back-to-school pencil cases and coming out of the mouths of people who are not adorkable, but really annoying. Bleg! She’s a cool miss, folks. That’s it!

Schmidt, put your shirt back on! Or don't. I don't know, I'm confused.
Schmidt, put your shirt back on! Or don't. I don't know.