Forever Young: Pay phones


Remember being stranded at the mall in the late 90s, and only feeling security in the fact that you had a quarter and there was a machine that would take it in exchange for one grim, helpless phone call? Then there was 1-800-CALLATT which was just a big fuck you to whoever you had to call.

Plus remember how scary it was to hear one ring?! who’s calling me?! Who knows I’m here????

Some of these unique devices still exist. Even more rare is to find one that still works AND doesn’t have a clipped cord. It’s a historical, technological monument!

But really. Thank God we have cell phones people. Just thinking about not having one gives me anxiety.

2 thoughts on “Forever Young: Pay phones

  1. A date once called me from a payphone in Santiago! Later I wanted to cancel because my lip randomly swelled up to twice it’s size but I couldn’t because I didn’t have his real number. It was horrifying! Were you there when this happened?

    1. Oh my god hahah that’s a way to make sure your date won’t cancel!! Amazing move, chile. I don’t remember if I was, I feel like I would have remembered that! Ps I miss the ilc office, I wish we were gossiping there right now!!

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