Non-guilty pleasure: BT’s “Suddenly”

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I found this artist through all my boy band/NSYNC research/obsession a week ago. His name is Brian Transeau and he is pretty much an electronic music pioneer. He created a program/plugin for Logic, Ableton etc. based on techniques he was using to produce songs like NSYNC’s “Pop” that use soundbites as percussive hits. So fucking cool.

His solo ventures are definitely steeped in futuristic electro pop. The chorus is catchy yet kind of sickening. I like the really 80s riff right before the chorus. The actual song is around 8 minutes long and is FULL of amazing electronica sounds. I’m a sucker for a dramatic melody and interesting electronic movements. Even if this song ain’t your jam, his technique and talent as a producer and music software developer is beyond noteworthy. I mean, have you even HEARD NSYNC’s “Pop“???? I listened to the song for a week in complete awe of the invention and creativity of BT’s production. Fascinating. Check out more about his music here.

2 thoughts on “Non-guilty pleasure: BT’s “Suddenly”

  1. I love that Katie Perry totally stole the concept for the begining of the E.T. music video from this video. The music isn’t my cup of tea, it’s a little too Jimmy Eat World-y for me. Plus I can’t take his hair seriously.

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