You guys, stream episode 1 of HBO’s “Girls” on Youtube fo free!!

So I guess HBO isn’t totally in the dark about the financial situation of every 20 something in the US. Here’s the first ep they’re streaming for free. I hope it’s as good as the hype!

UPDATE: I loved it!!! Pretty realistic, no matter what Jezebel says. I mean seriously, they can be sooooo annoyingly picky about details:

Girls opens with 24-year-old Hannah (played by Dunham) out for dinner at a fancy restaurant with her parents where she’s hunkering down on a plate of spaghetti like there’s no tomorrow. Later, she eats a cupcake in the bathtub. Maybe, you think, that Hannah was raised in the wild, like Nell, but no. Her parents are professors that just couldn’t be bothered to teach her how to eat at a table. 

Who gives a fuck! Has anyone ever met the child of a reverend or minister? They were the biggest party monsters of the high school crowd. Come on, what a weak argument. Maybe they’re trying to be cool in knocking a show down over picky details as “20 somethings are lazy, she’s ungrateful and needs a job” or “her parents are professors and she doesn’t know how to salsa dance? Totally unrealistic.” BLAH. Maybe if the show was unrealistically feminist and bitchy, someone at Jezebel might like it.

What did you think of Girls? I’m totally fangirling on Lena Dunham.

From Dick Montgomery on the Jezebel article: People love to hate millennials. We’re shifting the paradigm and it’s pissing old people off.

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