Forever Young: Dream

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Ahh, the playful and often terribly misguided talent of a manufactured group. Dream! One or two hits, and then never seen again. Except I think the blonde one acted once or twice in something. Note to self: Anything Diddy touches literally turns to entertainment kryptonite. J.Lo and the club shooting incident, Dream, Making the Band everything, his own rap career, etc. He was probably even involved in every major oil spill of the last two decades. But we’ll never prove it. DAMN YOU DIDDY!!!!

Anyways, Dream had a fun song or two. The girls desperately lacked personality though. Having a good voice is cool, but not necessary.  You need to be a STAHHHHHH. Sorry ladies. But we’ll fondly remember you always as that girl group that had that one okay song from around when Britney was an untouchable. Hugs!

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