Netflix Nightcap: Heaven

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Cate Blanchett is a goddess. She’s such a great actress. On top of that, she picks amazing subject material to act in. One of my favorite Cate Blanchett films is Notes on a ScandalWatch it. It is awesome. Dame Judi Dench is the fucking BEST.

Anyways, Starved for anything worth watching on Netflix instant (which is pretty rare because they have some pret-ty bad shit on there. Like film grad with rich parents and no life experience bad) I chose a Cate Blanchett filmio called Heaven. 

The movie centers around a woman who is involved in a solo ‘terroristic’ bombing to kill a man that is involved in drug and prostitution somehow connected to school children and the police. But instead, the bomb kills 4 innocent people, landing her in jail and another plot to kill the principle target.

Giovani Ribisi is the policeman interpreter/recorder who falls in love with her and helps her plot the death of a man and her eventual escape.

"You have decent hair. Murderer, I say!" Image via

One funny part about the entire premise of the movie is that the Italian Carabinieris are totally corrupt (like drugs and teen/child prostitution corrupt), incompetent and just all around jerkheads. Except Giovani Ribisi, the dark Italian knight! So at least after watching the movie, you can understand how Amanda Knox could have gotten totally fucked over in jail for 4 years for a crime that had evidence against her being guilty. But I guess the police force didn’t feel like working too hard today, or even adding up the facts! Note to self: Do NOT fuck up in Italy.

I normally LOVE anything CB is in, but this movie is just ok. It is suspenseful and then it’s not, and could have understandably ended a couple times throughout the last 30 minutes of the movie. However, her roots get crazy dark while she’s in jail, so she has this super blond hair with dark dark roots. If I’m saying her dark roots were a high point for me in the movie, you can deduce yourself if this is worth watching. The end is pretty hilarious in a not-supposed-to-be-hilarious sort of way. Maybe just skip to that!

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