Moldy tampon nightmare: All-girl punk band, or personal hygiene company gone awry?

Check out this SICKENING story about a girl who found a moldy tampon in a new box of Kotex Tampons. I’ve never bought Kotex on the regular, but their response letter is cold and robotic and not sympathetic to the fact that some of their customers ARE PUTTING MOLD IN THEIR VAGINAS.

Fuck you Kotex! Mold is not very hygenic, and it’s really, REALLY wrong of you to think moldy tampons are ok and safe for women.

Read her blog here!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Moldy tampon nightmare: All-girl punk band, or personal hygiene company gone awry?

  1. well i thought i had seen it all……..bugger me. I think i would prefer use a menstrual cup than bargain with the likes of toxic shock syndrome….surely there is some kind of protocol imposed where this is concerned…….Why are companies so protected from consumers in regards to complaints and legal suits and yet the consumers aren’t safe from the companies-their lives clearly put at risk. There is no integrity anymore……rant over. Sorry.

  2. What an awful thing to have happen. Kudos to Danielle for going public about it. Just as upsetting as the fact that she found mold in a tampon is the company’s response to her. But there are other little-known risks associated with these synthetic disposable menstrual products. One risk — still! — is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

    I recently interviewed a survivor of this deadly disease — Suzan Hutchinson — for, the website of The Keeper and Moon Cup reusable menstrual cups. Susan is now a spokesperson for, an organization dedicated to educating women about the fact that Toxic Shock is still a threat, especially to younger women.

    There are other options out there that women can use. One is reusable menstrual cups; another is reusable cotton menstrual pads. Both are also environment-friendly and pocketbook-friendly, because they are not tossed away after a single use. And as far as I know, there have been no cases of MOLD associated with either one of these options.

    To listen to the interview with Suzan, please go to

    Thanks so much.
    Julia Schopick
    Marketing Director
    The Keeper, Inc.

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