Watch out iTunes, Google Play is gonna steal yo biz


My Google homepage recently revealed a new tab (or I just now noticed it): Google Play. Here at Google Play, you can buy music, books, movies and Android apps. Oh, no iPhone apps you say?! Shocking!

This will seriously only be interesting to me and probably a lot of other people if this creates some competition for the pricey shit over at the iTunes store. Because really, if we stopped renting movies from actual video stores for $3.99, what makes anyone think we’re going to ‘rent’ a 24-hour digital copy for that much?!

Sherlock Holmes investigates: The stolen platform. Image via

They need to lower their shit to Redbox prices. I think people would rather drive to Redbox and spend $1.29 on a movie than rent one for $3.99 at either iTunes or Google Play. Especially since there is barely any overhead cost in renting a movie online. It’s just downloading. At least with Redbox we get the actual video, and can keep it for longer than 24 hours (once we start watching it. iTunes has some pretty sophisticated rulez) with an extra charge (the beauty being that the extra charge is within our power, and we’re all power hungry mofos who love being in control). iTunes telling us we have 30 days to begin the movie and then 24 hours after that to watch the movie is bogus and self-harmworthy. It causes our brains to melt in judgmental disgust anyways from A) watching something presumably dumber than rocks that was made in Hollywood and B) vastly overpaying for it.

It’s no surprise people want the fuck out of our money, but come on. Sell it to us cheap and we’ll buy it. Otherwise that shit gonn’ get stolen. That’s what capitalism is, right?!

2 thoughts on “Watch out iTunes, Google Play is gonna steal yo biz

  1. I completely agree! I’ve avoided anything “i” related as the prices and the “we’re the cool kids” mentality drives me crazy. I’ll take my regular mp3s and my Nook Color over an iPod and iPad any day.

    1. yeah, apple things are expensive. but i am a little whore for my macbook and iphone. i get paying for a device and technology, but the stores with little overhead costs are super ridiculously overpriced. they think they need to charge more for things for some bullshit reason, but people aren’t going to pay more for digital copies. that’s why torrents are so popular! if they’d make digital things way cheaper, people, i included, would be more apt to buy more movies, music, books etc. through the store instead of preferring to have the physical copy. we’ll have a righteous store someday, i hope!

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