SO OVER: Marilyn Monroe photo shoot tributes

Stop it, Lohan! Image via

Is there nothing else an uncreative starlet can think of, other than a Marilyn Monroe tribute?

True, we all have a soft spot for Marilyn, whether it be Andy Warhol’s iconic Marilyn pop art, her movies or her unique persona + bod. People love her. They always will! But our sweet Marilyn is not the problem.

Kate Upton, how original! Image via

It is absurd how many semi-stars choose to do a Marilyn Monroe-inspired photo shoot. It’s so boring! Marilyn Monroe anything has been more than overdone. I’m talking Rayban Wayfayer overdone here. It’s not an exciting or artistic tribute shoot to do anymore, so why are so many fame hungry gals so eager to don a Marilyn wig and take their clothes off?

Also, shame on the art directors and photographers for not being more creative. Has art really hit a dead end or what? Get with it, turds!

Celebrity Marilyn Monroe photo shoots

You’ve probably lost count over how many times Lohan has put on a blonde wig and taken her top off. I think the count is at 3 now: 2008 New York Magazine2009 Vogue España, and Playboy in 2011. She’ll probably have 3 more Marilyn shoots this year for Dog Fancy magazine, and West London High’s critically acclaimed high school newspaper, The Shepard’s Pie.

Kate Upton just did a Marilyn Monroe-inspired nude photo shoot for Muse magazine. Bleg. What do you expect from a Sports Illustrated model though, really. They all can’t be as amazing as Heidi Klum!

Image via

Courtney Stodden, everyone’s favorite child bride thrust into the dirty, tabloid spotlight, also did a Marilyn shoot. Cringe.

Scarlett Johansson has been compared to Monroe a lot because they look alike. So Johansson has done some photo shoots that either are an homage to Monroe or a coincidence because they are blonde and curvy. I’m gonna go with homage.

Michelle Williams’ portrayal of Marilyn in mags and appearances is understandable and encouraged. She starred in the critical darling film My Week With Marilyn and did Marilyn-esque photo shoots to promote the film. This is acceptable Marilyn behavior!

Blake Lively portrayed Marilyn Monroe in Gossip Girl’s 100th episode.

However, NBC’s new show, Smashis about a Marilyn musical on broadway. So we get to see Katharine McPhee and others dress up as Marilyn as well. I do enjoy the show, but even more Monroe exposure is just about insane.

Can we get another tragic, or better yet non-tragic old hollywood starlet to pay homage to? What about Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis or Elizabeth Taylor? We need to give Marilyn a break, ladies. PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!

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There she is again! Image via
Michelle as Marilyn, totally cool. Image via
BAH! Stop it!!!!! Image via
Lindsay, you REALLY need a new photo shoot concept. Please. Image via

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