Music: What will Gaga release this year?


Oh wow. If you haven’t seen this performance of “Born This Way/The Edge of Glory” from the Europride parade in Italy, you must. Her songs seem to take on a deeper feeling when they are slowed down and soulful.

Will we have another "Fame Monster", an acoustic "Born This Way" or something entirely different? You never know with our dear Gaga. Image via

Since Gaga will be touring with her Born This Way Ball for 2012 and into 2013, I’ve been wondering about new music from her, as that is a very long time to be touring (and for us to not have new Gaga music!). Last time she was in between albums, she released The Fame Monster that bore such already iconic hits as “Bad Romance” and “Alejandro“. However, an acoustic version of Born This Way would be mega awesome too. If Katy Perry can re-release her album with a few additions, then Lady Gaga’s re-worked acoustic version of Born This Way would certainly be a bajillion times better and a more worthwhile purchase.

I’m sure she’s got something up her sleeve similar to The Fame Monster, as wouldn’t it be a little hectic to record another full-length album during a year long world tour for a different album? But then again, it’s Gaga. Girl will WERK it, make that bitch crazy!


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