Infuriation: Movie ticket prices on the rise

Truth. Image via
Truth. Image via

Fo realz?!

It’s being reported that movie tickets are going up in price AGAIN– rising from a country-wide average of $7.89 to $7.93. 8 bucks for a movie, plus if you buy snacks at the theater (instead of sneaking them in because they are INSANELY overpriced) you will most definitely be paying upwards of $20 to $25 dollars on going to a movie.

You know, this is one reason a lot of people don’t go to the movies and choose to illegally download, stream or stick to Netflix.

The movie industry is definitely a delicate eco-system. And it’s absolutely true that Hollywood has all but dried up creatively, hence all the shitty, terrible remakes and the obvious money cash cow 3D “re-releases”  that are more expensive, slightly more dimensional versions of our favorite classics THAT WE HAD ON VHS.

I can't remember the last time the popcorn at the movies was good. What is this world coming to?! Photo via
I can't even remember the last time the popcorn at the movies was good. It sucks. What is this world coming to?! Photo via

I mean, seriously Hollywood? You seriously have no good, new story lines to work with? “Let’s just re-release everything that made over 500 million in 3D. Then we can all have purple yachts exclusively for our Tuesday excrements!”

It just doesn’t make sense that the movie industry would raise prices, no matter how minüte, in a time where people would rather sit at home to stream or download that same movie for free, and without paying $10 for a box of Raisinettes and a small Diet Coke. Seems rather counter-productive, no?

This is the feeling I get from big industries like the movie biz and the music biz: They are tirelessly stuck in their old ways and obviously not accepting that the ALREADY has changed. This isn’t 1996. People don’t HAVE to buy things, especially not your shitty, non-creative albums or movies. 3D really isn’t that big of a draw anyways. I haven’t seen a 3D movie that I just LOVED. It’s more like an “oh, neat. Dammit I have to pee again,” type deal.

This is also why I think their weak SOPA attempt is just plain being lazy. BE INNOVATIVE. What a fucking idea, right?!

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