Fashion: Downton Abbey

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 I LOVE Mary’s fitted striped dress. And I wanna start wearing regal gloves. Yeah?!

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 I tend to lean more towards Mary’s style, she always has the best dresses and outfits.

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Maggie Smith is perfect in this show! What an icon. (I miss her as Professor McGonagall)

Hunting wear! Photo via

I love the hunting dogs, they totally steal the show.

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 I really wish men (and women for that matter) would ditch the hoodies and dress like this. Come on, Target! Give us an affordable regal line, please! Or at least H&M. That would ROCK.

4 thoughts on “Fashion: Downton Abbey

  1. Hi there,

    So Downton Abbey is a guilty pleasure of yours? (Me too!) Check out this fun new photo feed from Daily Glow:

    The Crawleys may have old-fashioned manners, but their skin and hair are modern marvels. Here are the best beauty tips from the third season.

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