Celebrité: The Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter

First it was Harry, Hermione and Ron, the loves of our courageous, childhood souls…

Then it was Jacob, Bella and Edward to fulfill some weirdo teen relationship fantasies we all had…

And now it’s Katniss, Gale and Peeta fighting for their lives, families and the future of humanity.

8 thoughts on “Celebrité: The Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter

      1. Haha, i dont like the actress that plays katniss and the actor that plays gale. They just dont fit. Josh hutcherson is fine.

        And i think Lyndsy Fonseca would have played a better katniss, considering how she was one of the options to play the role.

  1. Josh Hutcherson is SO PERFECT as Peeta. I’m 50/50 on Gale, but have you seen “Winter’s Bone”? Jennifer Lawrence basically plays a katniss-like character in that film. Of course, I read the books after I heard she was playing Katniss, so she was in my head already! the video in this article has the director praising her as Katniss, give it a look! The movies are gonna rock anyways. Also, capitolcouture.pn is a capitol-themed site that is super fangirl-fanboy paradise.


  2. Yes, i;ve seen winter bone, but both films are completely diff. I read the books years before they announced about the film so of course my katniss had a very diff look, and my closes reference to my imagination is Lyndsy.

  3. At least the Hunger Games cast doesn’t look all sparkly like the lame cast from Twilight. Never read the HG books, tried and couldn’t get into them, had the same problem with LOTR but loved those movies, so maybe the same will happen.

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