Music: Rihanna samples The xx’s “Intro”

She is beautiful. Photo via 12maike on flickr
Is she drunk on love in a bathtub? Been there too, girl. Photo via 12maike on flickr

When jamming to Rihanna‘s Talk That Talk CD (it was the real CD too, how retro!) in my friend’s car this weekend, we noticed a familiar favorite on track number 8 “Drunk on Love”: Rihanna sampled The xx’s beautiful “Intro”. If you haven’t heard of The xx, then listen to their version of “Intro” before you listen to Rihanna’s “Drunk on Love”, because it truly is a great track.

Although I was pleasantly happy that someone covered such a wonderful song (that’s only the intro because The xx’s album is that good), I wish her producer’s wouldn’t have made it so obviously electronic. The twangy synth cheapens the true beauty of The xx’s song. I’m waiting for someone to remix Rihanna’s song over the original xx song so we can hear a seriously hot jam.

Enjoy both songs below, you won’t be disappointed!


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