Why do all these old, white men hate women and their reproductive rights?

All this abortion talk is getting me riled up. It is beyond frustrating to hear religious fanatics delegate laws. It’s even more disturbing that they hold official positions in the government. In a perfect world we’d have a bunch of reasonable, moderate people running things instead of extremists trying to control everything about our lives. It’s not okay at all!


YES. Image via wguide.uchicago.edu

Thankfully my state isn’t pulling any crazy shit like Oklahoma is. Some representatives in the Oklahoma state government are trying to pass a Personhood bill, that would grant equal rights to the cells growing in a woman’s womb at the exact moment of conception.

What I see this as is body slavery. Because it absolutely is. Forcing a woman to bear a child she isn’t ready to raise due to economic or personal reasons is wrong. It’s really none of the government’s business (or anyone’s business) what women do with their bodies. It’s a VAST invasion of privacy. Any government within the United States of America should not have a say in what is going on in my abdomen. What’s next, no beans for women because girl farts are icky? (Oklahoma next hot-button issue, I’m sure of it.)

One representative brought up the fact that damaging an eagle’s egg is punishable by law. But eagles are an endangered species. Humans are NOT endangered whatsoever. Maybe they’ve never been to the Mall of America on a Saturday. It is hell on earth.

People aren’t even that great. Most people I know hate people in general. People suck! Why would we ever want more of them? And don’t these old, white men hate people too? Isn’t that why they’re in power, so they can tell the people they hate how to live? Oh, I get it now! It’s madness, I tell you! Madness!

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Plus, it’s a little ironic that historically conservatives who are against abortion are also against welfare and social programs that are set up to help people in need like, say, a young teen mother whose boyfriend left her and won’t pay child support. Because that happens. We’ve all seen Teen Mom. Having a child when you are not ready is not pretty. And sometimes, maybe a lot of the time the men responsible for said impregnation can just go off and do whatever the fuck they want. That seems fair! Apparently it’s ok to force a woman to have a child, but it’s their problem and they shouldn’t get any help. This is SO fucked up. These people are mentally ill.

Anyone remember why abortion was legalized in the first place? Because scared young girls and young women were getting coat hanger and back alley abortions that were unsafe and deadly. Whether or not there’s a law in place, women w

And what about men’s reproductive rights? Do they know home many times men jerk off daily? Why isn’t that considered a Personhood right?

THESE people are the terrorists. Terrorizing women into believing they must have babies they don’t want and get married to men they might not want to marry. Marriage and babies isn’t for everyone. But sex IS for everyone. Making our bodies legal fodder and deciding what kind of life women can lead? That is NOT ok. Where are the laws saying men have to be in their not-aborted child’s life? Money ain’t no father.

There are just too many things wrong with this Personhood bill that directly attack women but leave men off scott-free. You know, there are two people doing the fucking.

No man, better yet no gender should tell another gender how to live. And no religion should tell other religions or spiritual beliefs what they can and can’t do with their bodies. IT’S WRONG. It’s un-American down to the very core of the Constitution and generally just a shitty thing to do all around.

What’s up with all these men attacking women these days? It’s devilish and awfully frightening. But what they don’t know is we’re not putting up with this shit. We are equal beings on this planet and no legislation is going to tell my gender what it can and cannot do.


No thanks, doc. I'll keep that out of my vag. Image via kutnews.com

The ultrasound abortion bit in Virginia is absolutely infuriating as well. Basically if a women wanted to get an abortion, she would be required by law to get a vaginal ultrasound by way of some phallic tool inserted into her vagina by a doctor. The reason? Who knows. It’s not even medically necessary.

So, with all the healthcare problems and high costs in this country, Virginia politicians see it reasonable to force a procedure on an already fragile woman and situation with sticking a medical penis-tool into her for no reason at all other than “it’s law.”

One senator from Virginia, Janet Howell, proposed an amendment that would force men to get rectal exams and heart exams prior to receiving viagra prescriptions, as those exams are just as unnecessary as the ultrasound for women. It got voted down, but brought more light to the fact that there are vast gender imbalances among the people in power and government.

The story is still developing, but whether or not these women will be forced to pay for the ultrasound, which could be quite expensive, or if the state is going to foot the bill is unclear. In a recession, that sounds like a whole lot of unnecessary spending both personally and governmentally.

Is this some epidemic of perverted old white men passing bills into law dealing with our vaginas? Seriously. It’s so creepy, wrong, offensive and out of line. Absolutely unacceptable. It would still be appalling if it were all women passing these things into laws. But men with no experience vaginally other than not being able to satisfy their dull wives are not the people I want passing laws about the goings-on of my vagina.