Mixtape Monday: Steed Lord Mix May 2012

Image via soundcloud

Hellllls to the yeah. Steed Lord is such a good jam. Check out their May mix below. And DEFINITELY check out this song. Download it, put it on a CD, drive in your car on the highway and blast it. It’s fucking bombin’. Dudes will holler at you from their cars too, the song is that good. Trust me.

Listen: Steed Lord “Hideaway”

Icelandic electronica. This song is the best song to play in your car when you wanna belt out that you “don’t need no man!”

Fucking awesome.

 Get their song “Hideaway” for free via their Facebook page, once you ‘like’ them. But of course!

Don’t you just want to dress up and dance with them next to gas tanks?!

Images via Facebook