Music: Have you listened to Sleigh Bells’ new album yet?

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Because it’s pretty amazing. Check it out now!!!!!

Music: Sleigh Bells new album “Reign of Terror”

Derek E. Miller kinda looks like a younger Marky Mark crossed with Marty McFly. 80s/90s hawtness to the max. And she's like the alt girl with good style and a good heart. Photo via GQ

Sleigh Bells is one of the few bands that legitimately makes me feel cool when I listen to it. Drive around listening to “Tell ‘Em“, and tell me you don’t feel the same.

They have a new album coming out, called Reign of Terror is expected for a February 21 release date. The first single off their new album, “Comeback Kid” is so so so good. Like, ice cream melody over some kick-ass guitar good. It definitely sets up the tone for the new album and adds even more anticipation!

On the new album and Sleigh Bells sound, singer Alexis Krauss had this to say:

For a while, Derek felt he had to prove something. Now he can play his Jackson and love Slayer and at the same time love Cyndi Lauper. That’s something that’s really important to us: No guilty pleasures. There’s no genre of music that you can’t listen to and find something good. I have this conversation with my parents all the time. They’re both New Yorkers, born and bred, and my dad is a musician, and they have this elitist attitude about music. When we were making Reign of Terror, I might say that we were writing a song that was like def leppard mixed with George Michael. And my mom would be like, “Def Leppard? Nobody who’s cool listens to that band.” And I’d have to explain to her that times have changed; you can go back to music that was maybe considered corny or inauthentic and embrace elements of it. 

Awesome. Melding pop, rock, metal and whatever sounds good. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Check out “Comeback Kid”