Lady Gaga’s Vogue September Issue has arrived!!!

Image via facebook

Holy moly!!! That is some fierce shit. A lot better than her first Vogue cover. I feel like she’s channeling RuPaul in the best way ever. Is that red banner shit a September issue thing or what? It looks weird. Besides that, awesome cover. If only I had money to go fall fashion shopping. SIGH. This 20 poor and fabulous shit isn’t glamourous come fall fashion season!

If only they filmed The September Issue when Gaga was the muse! Sienna Miller is awesome, but it would have been cool to see Gaga from an angle that isn’t her own. Right?!

Fashion: Shit Fashion Girls Say

So many spawns, so many great (and so true) videos. These are my absolute favorites so far though. There’s even a part 2!!!

“Grace Coddington is the unsung hero of ‘The September Issue’.”


“She kept calling it ‘Rodart’.” “She looked like ‘Grey Gardens’.”