New York Fashion Week: Hits, misses and hot messes

Fashion week, fashion week, everyone loves fashion weeeeeeek! (Except when you’re not there and digging through the internet to find the goods!) We get to see the best (and worst) fashions for the thrilling upcoming fall fashion season.

Here are the hits, misses and hot messes for New York Fashion Week 2012.

**** MEGA MEGA MEGA HIT: Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 ****

OH MY GOD. YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YESSSSS!!!! This is my Downton Abbey meets Hunger Games’ Capitol meets the future of fashion fantasy line. This is what I’ve been hoping and praying would walk down a catwalk this New York Fashion Week. First of all, the hats are a little ridiculously reminiscent of those crazy top hats from the 90’s that you could win at fairs. Sort of Cat in the Hat meets high fashion. I’ll take it! The pink, fitted jacket is absolutely gorgeous. VERY Capitol and Effie Trinket. The shoes are all amazing as well, with some amish buckles/mary jane lovin’. It’s so Victorian, so chic, big and fun. There’s so much personality in each outfit. This is what getting dressed in the morning should look like. Fun, exciting, and reminding us that life is colorful and creative. Very well done, Marc Jacobs!!!!!!!!

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**** Hit: Monique Lhuillier 2012 Fall ****

Ahhhhhh, this dress is soooo pretty. That’s it.

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**** Hit: Victoria Beckham AW/12 ****

I love this polo dress SO MUCH. Victoria Beckham knows whats up. The maroon and blue paired with red lips is like working-girl fashion overdrive. She would take any entry-level position and turn it into CEO in like, 5 minutes. Without having to reapply lipstick. Get it girl!

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**** Hit: Carlos Miele Fall 2012 ****

It’s Spanish cowgirl meets midnight ballroom. My cowgirl dream come true.

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 **** Hit: Marc Bouwer ****

This is amazing. It reminds me of Lady Gaga’s first VMA performance. I would totally wear this headpiece and dress anywhere. Even around the house to feel regal. Amazing.

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**** Hit: Anna Sui Fall 2012 ****

Gorgeous! It reminds me of The Borrowers for some reason. Like some chic house filled with four-inch people who have a green thumb for stitching and styling. Fabulous. One of my favorite collections, besides Marc Jacobs of course! Check out the nymag gallery. It’s amazing.

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**** Hit: Milly by Michelle Smith Fall 2012 ****

I love this look so much. A lot of the Milly by Michelle Smith Fall 2012 line includes this vibrant deep blue-purple color that I love so dearly. There is even a coat in the color which is absolutely stunning. The entire line is playful and girly, the way we’d all like to dress for fancy but sweet social affairs. LOVE.

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**** Hit: The Blonds RTW Fall 2012 ****

The entire vibe of The Blonds runway show was biker chic. You can almost smell the cigarettes and cheap perfume. Rock. My favorite part is the helmets, as they have looooong blonde ponytails flowing out from them. FABULOUS. The outfit below really caught my eye. What an amazing outfit. The jacket is somewhere in between colorful biker, large muppet and 70s Elton John. I don’t care if it’s menswear (holy buldge!), I would totally wear this outfit. With a studded bra or something. LOVE IT. Check out The Blonds gallery here.

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**** Hit: Jeremy Scott Fall 2012 ****

First thought: Holy shit. Holy shit, YES. Um, the unicorn dress? Pure genius. Want. NEED! The smiley face heart sweater? I’ll take 3. And the multi-colored fabulous-beyond-fabulous cousin of Chewbacca is one for the ages. What an exciting line. Jeremy Scott, you rock.

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 —- Miss: Oscar de la Renta Fall 2012 —-

This outfit is all sorts of wrong. First of all, it looks cheap, which is due to the shade of pink chosen. The pants look like they could come from Forever 21. In fact, the entire outfit does. I’d say, if you’re not 17 and on a school trip to the local ski resort, this outfit is a total miss. Cute headband though.

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—- Miss: Rodarte Fall 2012 —-

Oh dear, good Lord of mine. This is terribly unflattering. Of course, it looks like an oversized semi-chic morsel on the teeny model, but can you imagine this piece on a woman with hips? Goodness. There is so much fabric going on in this piece. If the neck hole wasn’t appropriately sized, I’d think she was given a school uniform 5 sizes too big. I can’t say I’ve ever really liked dress lengths that fall at half calf length, so a bias may lay there. However, the shoes are great and the color is simply fabulous.

—- Miss: Donna Karan Fall 2012 —-

I LOVE this hat, and I love the dress. But the color is so offputting. There’s no way anyone would NOT think about diarrhea upon seeing this color. No way.

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 !!!! Hot Mess: DKNY Fall 2012 !!!!

This look makes me cringe. It looks like those leather jackets we all had in 7th grade from some leather store at the local mall. I just can’t get over the pleathery, matchy-matchy look of the leather and black that so many frizzy haired girls wore from Wilson’s Leather. Don’t forget the butterfly clips!

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!!!! Hot Mess: Theyskens Fall 2012 !!!!

Oh good lord. I didn’t know Old Navy had a runway show. Good boots though!

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