Music: The amazing Jimmy Tamborello tweets new music plans!!

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Maybe you don’t know him by his government name, Jimmy Tamborello. But you soon will. First and most famously, he’s half of the dreamy electro duo The Postal ServiceYou know their songs, even if you don’t know them. They’re that fucking good. Jimmy T is also a musical wizard behind many other projects: Dntel, Figurine, James Figurine (my fave), Golden Hits, Dublab as well as sparkling on other creative ventures elsewhere. Check out his site here. Go on! Get meandering!

Last week, fresh off another weekly/daily listen of anything Mistake, Mistake, Mistake, Mistake, I decided to tweet the ol’ fella my undying love for that album:

Along with a new Dntel album, Aimlessness, a mixtape (download it fo free below!), and probably 20 billion other amazing projects, JT hints at a new Figurine album and hopefully hopefully hopefully a new James Figurine possibility all the way in 2016. So far away, but it’s good to wait for things that will blow your mind, like summer sausage or fresh pants out of the dryer. I’m in.

His fellow Figurine bandmates, David Figurine and Meredith Figurine. Image via

I’m not sure how much Jimmy Tamborello-flavored music I’ve listened to. I have one Figurine album, The Heartfelt, that is electronic music with lyrics that talk about technology, space and love, in an oddly poetic way. It’s a great album to listen to on your back, in the grass, with headphones and a sky full of stars. Mistake… is in my iTunes, as well as a couple Dntel albums/EPs and of course The Postal Service.

There’s just something about the movement in his compositions that you want to follow the whole way through to the end of the album. It’s like watching a chef cook a meal, except this time the chef is behind a midi, mixers and whatever the fuck else a musical chef needs to make his melodic meal. He throws shit in here, stirs in some awesome shit over there, sprinkles a pinch of “whoa that was fucked up but I liked it” and tops it off with “This is blowing your mind.” Except at the end of the album, there’s no food to eat (come onnnn technology!) Just a cool oratory experience and whatever the fuck is left in your part-time job refrigerator.

Point being: Check out one of my favorite music people in the whole entire world. And get an album if you like it. You know my fave already. Dntel is ambient-y and electro-y, Figurine is a musical adventure and James Figurine (has goddess Jenny Lewis on a track) is an ice cream cone in summer, under the shade of a tree. The rest of his work you and I can discover togethz, like a summer reading list but musical!

Take a gander at this James Figurine song and below the new Dntel mixtape that is available to download for free, luvaz.

55566688833 by James Figurine (The numbers are ‘Love’ spelled out on a cell phone w/o a keyboard. Think 11th grade. Fucking genius. Took like a year for that to click)
New Dntel Analog mix

Music: Jimmy Tamborello electric fave

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I’m obsessed with Jimmy Tamborello. Ever since I downloaded his Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake from one of his solo jaunts as James Figurine, I fell in love with his electronic music. It’s just so good. Everything on that album is pure melodic gold fantasy love. I don’t know what that means, but it’s just a really cool album. My favorite track from that album is “Pretend it’s a race and I’m on your side” because the track just goes and flows into a lot of different melodies but it just works. Listen to it here. It’s one of my favorite electronic/minimal-y songs ever.

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Another amazing song off of Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake is 55566688833. Which so creatively spells out “love” on old flippy cell phones when you had to punch all the letters manually. Love it.

Anyways, Jimmy is like an indie electronica master. He’s the electro half of The Postal Service, which was definitely a really cool album. Before all of that, he was in an electronic band called Figurine that released some pretty crazy weird stuff too. One album called The Heartfelt is about life in space and it’s really futuristic and strange but cool.

Then there’s Dntel, the darker electro side of Mr. T., that has just released a new song called “Dark and Stormy,” that is all sorts of dark and storm ridden in the form of electronic music. Give it a listen and grab a free download. And give his other tunes and bands a listen if you’re into electronic music because they are bomb bomb bomb.