Celebrité: Christina Aguilera just can’t catch a break

That sucks. Photo via thesuperficial.com
That sucks. Photo via thesuperficial.com

Oh good lord. Pictures and videos have been running around the internet showing Christina Aguilera getting her period while singing at Etta James’ funeral. Oh. My GOD. Middle school nightmare come true!

That’s pretty much the worst thing I’ve seen in a while. Because it’s really not a big deal, but it’s still embarrassing to the point where millions of people have not only seen her be kind of a hot mess for the past couple of years, but also fudge up the lyrics to the National Anthem, be made fun of for her weight gain and then get your period at a legend’s funeral. She needs a new album of Stripped caliber like, yesterday. (Her best album eva!)

It seems like in terms of bad luck in Hollywood, the greater the crazy and misfortune, the faster the return. At Xtina’s rate, she’s gonna sneeze and shart in a white dress on live TV any day now.