20 something beauty: Raw egg facials

It’s SPRING! And that means it’s time for a face mask to get all your pale, dry skin into shape. Who the fuck can afford a facial?! Seriously, we make like, gas money and a sandwich an hour. The absolute best and cheapest way to do an at home facial for little to no cost is by using raw eggs.

Now, maybe you’re a raw shit phobe like my dear, sweet mom. Get over it. It’s not going to kill you, and it will make your skin look and feel better. Moving on.

Mona's drunk again. You're doing it wrong, M!!! Image via site.meikomusic.com

Raw Egg Facial

The raw egg facial is actually two facials. You use the egg white as a sort of astringent for your face, and the egg yolk acts as a moisturizer. Nature is like, so genius. 


1 egg (you can even make it an organic egg. Organic raw egg facial. Mind blown.)

1 fork

2 bowls

washcloth (one for each friend unless you really wanna share, or all of them have been dirty since September)

wine or cocktails

  1. First, get real. Pour your drinks.
  2. You and your gurlfriends/metroguys can use one egg between all of you. I don’t know exactly how many people can use the same egg, but who the fuck ever just has one egg between like 20 people?! We’re poor, but not that poor.
  3. Ok, so crack the egg. Separate the egg white and the egg yolk and place them into two separate bowls. Then, using the fork, break the yolk and stir it until it’s all creamy and mixy. Now you’re ready.
  4. The first facial you’ll want to use the egg white. Spread it around your face with your fingers. Avoid your eyes unless you like putting weird shit in your eyes. Let the mask dry, and then use your washcloth to wash it off with warm water.
  5. Now you’re ready for the second part! Take the egg yolk and spread it on your face all real good like. Let it dry. Then wash it off. You’re finished! Super easy, super, super cheap with a glow of beauty at the end.

It Girl: Kelly Osbourne

Beautiful girl! So jealous of her hair color. I'm afraid working in the Districts of Panem restricts me from dying my hair this color. Image via lovecatmag.com

We sort of grew up with Kelly Osbourne. She was in our lives on MTV’s The Osbournes and briefly as a singer. However, the troubled girl we grew up with has grown into quite a nice young lady.

First, I am OBSESSED with her hair color choices. Instead of being bright pink, blue, or whatever terrible dye job Katy Perry is doing (sorry gurl, you need a new hairstylist!), Kelly chooses lighter shades of purple, pink and grey to accent her ever changing chic personal style.

Love her. Image via blog.lockandmane.com

As far as her career goes, she has a drool-worthy gig as a Fashion anchor on E!’s Fashion Police, not to mention getting to work AND walk the red carpet at the events she attends. She’s really good as an anchor as well, so none of this “she only got the job because… xyz” shit. She’s charismatic, stylish and reasonably critical.

She is the poster girl for being able to turn one’s life around. On The Osbournes, we saw an out of control, unhealthy version of Kelly. Now she is healthy, in shape and in control of her life. A role model for anyone struggling with substance abuse and/or weight loss. Diet and exercise, folks!

Known for having a dirty mouth, Kelly has curbed a lot of her “fucks” but still keeps them going when the time is appropriate.

She was engaged to Luke Worrall, but kicked his ass to the curb after she caught him cheating on her. You go girl! Cheating is so passé.

All in all, Kelly Osbourne is our favorite working girl with great hair and great style. WERK!

IT GIRL. Image via splash and dailymail.co.uk

Beauty: Beth Ditto for MAC

YES YES YES!! This is all sorts of amazing. Beth Ditto, solo star and lead singer of the hawt band The Gossip, is going to create her own set of MAC cosmetics due out in June. She will definitely, positively not disappoint, I just know it.

I absolutely love MAC cosmetics. Their products are really, very nice. Much more shimmery and glittery than your average makeup line, which I find is important especially when it comes to painting beautiful eyes, wherever they may be.

Image via societeperrier.com

PS. I love how vibrant MAC makeup colors are. And again, as if I can ever get it out of my mind, this makeup reminds me of the Capitol’s style in the Hunger Games. Fangirl time finished. For now.

Image via maccosmetics.com

Beauty: Effie Trinket hair lust

Hair envy. Photo via thehollywoodgossip.com
Hair envy. Photo via thehollywoodgossip.com

I want light pink hair so bad after seeing so many Effie Trinket pics. It’s so subtle and classy, as opposed to this. Cringe!

There’s some kind of sick pleasure I get out of the fashion in the capitol from the Hunger Games books. It seems so fun, cool and classy without being ridiculous, much like every single afflicted suburban ‘alternative’ kid who dyes their hair bright green or red.

WANT. Photo via shortgirltallheels.blogspot.com
WANT. Photo via shortgirltallheels.blogspot.com

I really like the way Kelly Osbourne has been dying her hair lately. She’s a pretty and classy gal, and her lightly dyed hair adds some colorful personality while maintaining her chic style. The way we wear our hair is a fashion statement anyways, and lightly colored hair, like lavender or pink, is subtly fun.

Maybe fashionistas will embrace the lightly colored hair sparked by the Hunger Games capitol kids and maybe Kelly Osbourne. I LOVE the light pink and light purple hair colors. I WANT. Now only if it wouldn’t (probably, people are so judgy about hair color) ruin my chances at finding a grown up job. Blerg.


Beauty: Bathtime relaxation on the cheap

One of my favorite things to do to relax is take a bubble bath, sip on a glass of wine and listen to music. The best part is that it’s a very cheap relaxation ritual!

Bubble Bath

Hells yeah doggy. You're doing it right. Photo via my.firefighternation.com
Hells yeah doggy. You're doing it right. Photo via my.firefighternation.com

Bubble baths are amazing. Really. I am a huge fan of bubble baths, as they are so luxurious for literally spending pennies on allowing yourself to wind down.

The great thing about bubble baths is that you really don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. I’ve always used random ones from Target or Walmart, like Lander that is around $3. Bubble baths that I’ve bought at Walmart have been better than expensive ones from department stores.

I actually tried some ‘designer’ bubble bath that I bought at Macy’s, thinking the bubbles would be like, the silkiest and biggest bubbles alive and that I’d probably drown in them from sheer luxury. I picked out Philosophy’s Raspberry Sorbet 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath for $16, and it turned out to be the most lackluster bubble bath of my life. So in the case of bubble baths, the cheaper, the better.


Frontera wine is imported, amazing and reasonably priced. Photo via fronterawines.com
Frontera wine is imported, amazing and reasonably priced. Photo via fronterawines.com

Another great addition to inexpensive bathtime relaxation is wine. I’m a firm believer in wine for all occasions. What better way to unwind than with a bubble bath AND wine?!

One really great wine with a reasonable price is Chilean wine from Concha y Toro. Their FronteraCabernet Sauvignon runs around $10 a bottle and is really good imported wine for the price. I used to buy a bottle for $4 when I lived in Chile. Sigh!

Music and Podcasts

If you’re like me and need something to take your mind of the day or your schedule tomorrow, playing relaxing music or a podcast is a great way to further your relaxation escape. Depending on my mood, I would choose classical music when I was feeling regal, ambient when I wanted to get lost in music and podcasts when I wanted to listen. You can find music for free through pandora or last.fm and podcasts are always free on itunes.

Last Touches

Grab a book or a magazine, light some candles and just relax. After all, it’s nice to break away from everyday stresses and technology if only for 20 minutes. Sometimes I find it difficult to relax, but it is such a necessary part of our routine. I hope you find time to relax and spend on yourself, because your serenity, even on a budget, is important.

Beauty: Mint Sherbet nail color for spring

If you haven’t heard pastels are in for spring, then you’ve been working too hard.

This color from Sally Hansen called Mint Sherbet is the real deal. It’s the perfect mint pastel color for your nails and superbly shiny.

Plus, Lady Gaga predicted in her video for “Marry the Night” that mint would be a huge color in fashion this spring, and her word is law. So what are you waiting for?!

Photo via sallyhansen.com

Beauty: Moisturizer

As ladies and gents in our 20s, we need to start taking our health and bodies a little more seriously than we did in our junk food eating youths (those were the days). Maybe part of the 20 something quarter-life crisis is the realization that we are getting older, and if Sex and the City has taught us anything, it can be just as crazy as ever.

Washing off makeup and using that moisturizer!

It can also be a bitch to ruin pillowcases every weekend!
It can also be a bitch to ruin pillowcases every weekend!

One thing that is so so so important for ladies and gents alike is taking care of our skin, especially on our faces (because plastic surgery during a mid-life crisis is a lot worse than moisturizing now.) Ladies, and some gents, make sure you wash the makeup off your face every night before you go to bed. You’re not only washing the makeup off, but the pollution, dirt and grime that floats (disgustingly) around in our air.

As we sleep, our body temperature rises, allowing our pores to open more. If your skin still has a nice layer of foundation mixed with pollution and free radicals, those can actually help speed up collagen breakdown in your skin, which allows for aging to speed up and loss of elasticity. YIKES.

I’ve always enjoyed Noxzema. It’s simple, has been around since my sweet grandma was a girl and it gets the job done. But you’ve got to find the cleanser that works well for you, because everyone’s skin is unique. I picked up an organic face wash from Boots called Organic Nourishing Cleanser and it irritated my skin to no end. Yuck!

As for moisturizer, it’s so important to keep your skin glowing and naturally young as long as possible. It’s recommended that you use at least a moisturizer with SPF 15 during the day. I’ve actually never understood people who don’t wear sunscreen. Unless they plan on aging faster than everyone else, having a higher risk of skin cancer and having a ton of plastic surgery in their 40s, I don’t know what their motive is.

I use Aveeno SPF 15 moisturizer during the day and the classic Oil of Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid.

What are your favorite products?