Beauty: Moisturizer

As ladies and gents in our 20s, we need to start taking our health and bodies a little more seriously than we did in our junk food eating youths (those were the days). Maybe part of the 20 something quarter-life crisis is the realization that we are getting older, and if Sex and the City has taught us anything, it can be just as crazy as ever.

Washing off makeup and using that moisturizer!

It can also be a bitch to ruin pillowcases every weekend!
It can also be a bitch to ruin pillowcases every weekend!

One thing that is so so so important for ladies and gents alike is taking care of our skin, especially on our faces (because plastic surgery during a mid-life crisis is a lot worse than moisturizing now.) Ladies, and some gents, make sure you wash the makeup off your face every night before you go to bed. You’re not only washing the makeup off, but the pollution, dirt and grime that floats (disgustingly) around in our air.

As we sleep, our body temperature rises, allowing our pores to open more. If your skin still has a nice layer of foundation mixed with pollution and free radicals, those can actually help speed up collagen breakdown in your skin, which allows for aging to speed up and loss of elasticity. YIKES.

I’ve always enjoyed Noxzema. It’s simple, has been around since my sweet grandma was a girl and it gets the job done. But you’ve got to find the cleanser that works well for you, because everyone’s skin is unique. I picked up an organic face wash from Boots called Organic Nourishing Cleanser and it irritated my skin to no end. Yuck!

As for moisturizer, it’s so important to keep your skin glowing and naturally young as long as possible. It’s recommended that you use at least a moisturizer with SPF 15 during the day. I’ve actually never understood people who don’t wear sunscreen. Unless they plan on aging faster than everyone else, having a higher risk of skin cancer and having a ton of plastic surgery in their 40s, I don’t know what their motive is.

I use Aveeno SPF 15 moisturizer during the day and the classic Oil of Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid.

What are your favorite products?