Beauty: Eyebrow pencilling is the shit

werk that eyebrow pencil, lady!
werk that eyebrow pencil, lady! Image via

One cool thing about being in your 20s is discovering new looks. Last year, my girlfriends and I finally discovered the rainbow wonders of wearing lipstick. Why just last year, at the ripe-ish age of 24? Who knows cuz that shit cray. I shoulda hopped outta the womb with a fuckin’ coral lipstain. Sup, jags? It has transformed my friends looks and mine in awesome ways. This year, out of some kind of beauty zeitgeist, me and my bitches have finally discovered the wonders of eyebrow pencilling.


Ok, I actually don’t own an eyebrow pencil and I’m not sure my GFs do either. We are poor and hella fab, so we work with what we already have: eyeliner. I have dark brown eyebrows, so the dark brown eyeliner I use on a daily basis works perfectly for my eyebrows. I have a scar through one eyebrow and although I love having a badass scar on my face, it’s cool to have symmetrical brows every once in a while. BECAUSE THAT SHIT FANCY.

I definitely recommend trying out pencilling/eyeliner-ing your eyebrows. Make sure the color matches your natural color so it doesn’t look fucked up. One time I pencilled mine in with a black eyeliner for fun. Although it looked awesome in a Madonna 1992 sort of way, I looked pretty insane. GUUD LUK.


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