Aw fuck it: “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” looks awesome

Oh my god. YES. Just yes. This is honestly the best picture I’ve ever seen on the internet. There’s just so much truth and depth. Image via


Honey Boo Boo Child and fam. literally cannot be trusted to be understood on national television, in their own country and in their native language. You know it’s gonna be good. In a “holy shit, I’m going back to school and never eating high fructose corn syrup again” sort of way. Maybe this is just what America needs to boost our economy and push people to be better. We can only hope.

Plus, I’m sure there are going to be SO many good memes and drinking/drugging games to this show. For example, the drinking game could go like this:

  • you see something unhealthy? take a drink
  • someone is reading a book? meth
  • someone is watching tv doing nothing? down a gin martini
  • you can understand syntax? heroin to the eyeball
  • a misguided and incorrect statement about anything pertaining to societ? 1 shot
  • you see a vegetable? animal sacrifice

You get the gist. There is a multitude of entertainment that will spawn from this show. Yes it’s fucking absurd, but maybe it will inspire us and even the hardcore reality fans to go “Ok, that’s enough. No more reality tv.” Orrrr maybe it will be the cataclysmic beast that descends from the gates of Walmart Hell to rot our brains and make us gain a second neck-chin. (my fourth biggest fear) Only time will tell kids, only time will tell.

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