Netflix nightcap: 50/50

50/50was awesome. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a beaut. And Seth Rogen is always charming. Even if you think he’s annoying normally, his schticky-schtickiness is lesser than normal in this movie.

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The movie, if you have never seen the trailer, is about a young dude who gets cancer. It follows him dealing with the cancer, the drugs, his life, his shitty relationship that he doesn’t realize is shitty until later, etc. But it’s not all doom and gloom, because Seth Rogen is around to be the endearing, loyal, good-for-comedy-relief friend! Really, shouldn’t we all have a Seth Rogen-esque friend?!

If you’ve ever had cancer, or been close to someone who has cancer, the movie tackles what they go through pretty well. It’s not over dramatic like any movie in the 90s about cancer. It hits the ups and downs of life that surrounds a cancer diagnosis and treatment very well.

Anna Kendrick is in this movie as well, as the 24-year-old therapist-in-training. Every time she came on screen I thought “I fucking love Anna Kendrick.” If you ever saw Up in the Air, you know why. If you haven’t, watch that movie too. Clooney, Kendrick, planes. Nuff said.

50/50 is a rock solid flick, y’all. A little tear-jerky with a little belly-laugh. Just like real life.

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