Courtney Stodden has a website. This exists now. Great.

PLEASE put a sweater on and go to college!!! Oy vey. Image via

OH LORD. Actually it’s not really a big deal. There are websites where women eat poo on camera and omelettes made from bodily fluids. I’ll take a little Courtney Stodden self-promotion any day over those pervert atrocities.

First of all, SHE WAS BORN IN 1994. That sounds way too young for someone to be half naked on a website. When I was 17 I was burning a hole in the road with my Harry Potter cloak. The kids these days, I tell ya.

Second of all, she describes herself as an “actress, model, pop artist.” Yeah, and I’m a professional couch enthusiast with a presidential penchant for eating dinner in front of the TV. She might as well change her description to “professional famehussy.” Burnt!

Better yet, if you’re a sad, bald, overweight lonely sociopath with agoraphobia, you can become a VIP member over at her website. Goody!

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