Music: Regina

Image taken by Megan Kathleen McIsaac via

The first note I heard from the band, Regina, I fell in love. The music is so sweet to the ears, without being overbearing. Like a nice neighbor kid with good style.

The dream pop band (I am so in love with dream pop. It’s the calmer, and yes, dreamier, cousin of pop music), composed of three bandmates located in Helsinki, have been busy working on shorts to go along with three songs from their album, Soita Mulle (Call Me in English), that was released in September 2011. The shorts have been directed by Osma Harvilahti.

The first two videos of the three part series have been released. They are “Mustavalkeaa” and “Päivät Valuvat” respectively. The song titles are Finnish for “Black and White” and “The Days Are Flowing”.

Get lost for a few minutes in the beautiful music and videos.

Regina – Mustavalkeaa (Soita mulle I) from Regina on Vimeo.

Regina – Päivät valuvat (Soita mulle II) from Regina on Vimeo.

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