Mixtape Monday: Yelle DJs “Patinoire Mix”

Yelle DJs Patinoire Mix. Photo via soundcloud.com

If you love Yelle, take a peek at this awesome mixtape called “Patinoire” released by Yelle producers/DJs GrandMarnier and Julien Tiné. They describe their sound as “Refreshing and emo at the same time, like the best orange juice you ever had in your life!” Enjoy!

01. Storm Queen – It goes on
02. Pollyester – Concierge d’amour (Rory Phillips Mix)
03. Todd Terje – Inspector norse
04. Bartellow and Ogris Debris – The thrill is gone (Ogris Debris rethrill)
05. Nguzunguzu – Got U (Canblaster & Berou Bonus Remix)
06. Nicki Minaj – Stupid hoe
07. Yelle – S’éteint le soleil (Ridu remix)

‘Patinoire’ means ‘skating rink’ in French. So, if winter is being cold where you are, this is the perfect mix for the rink.

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