Ridiculous: Ark Music Factory

You’ve probably, and hopefully, forgotten about the Ark Music Factory kids. You know, the production company the tripped, fell on a mixer and produced “Friday” by Rebecca Black.

Mean Girls FTW. Photo via theincredibleedible.com
Mean Girls FTW. Photo via theincredibleedible.com

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve spent a fair amount of time browsing songs and “stars” on the AMF website. And boy, are they special. You can see it in their mediocre eyes, how much they want to be stars. But unfortunately, no matter how hard their parents push them to be stars, or how much the kids themselves demand it, or how much their parents fork over for a shitty song and music video, the vast majority of these kids won’t even have the luck to be a real joke on the internet.

Flavorwire summed it up nicely:

It turns out Rebecca Black is merely one of many products from the brilliant entrepreneurs Patrice Wilson and Clarence Jey, who run Ark Music Factory, an LA based production company designed to take advantage of super-rich kids with pop-star dreams, and their parents’ cash.”

I can’t even imagine what kind of music video and song I would have released had I been 12 with expendable cash and a penchant for stardom beyond my bedroom. cringe!

Really, I wonder how this is going to impact these kids growing up and learning that they aren’t talented. And I don’t mean it in a vicious way, but not everyone who has money to throw away is talented at singing, dancing and entertaining. Fact. Their parents are some pieces of work.

Anyways, CJ Fam is my favorite Ark Music Factory kid. She could (and should) headline the Curly Sue musical.

Her song, “Ordinary Pop Star” is so true.


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