Infuriation: Healthcare costs

The good people of this earth need to start kicking some serious, big business/government sociopathic ass. Photo via
The good people of this earth need to start kicking some serious, big business/government sociopathic ass. Photo via


I just got a bill from a clinic for 3 doctors visits. Each visit lasted less than 15 minutes. Guess how much the bill was?

Total before insurance: 1031.32 

Insurance covered: 455.92

Total after insurance: 575.40 

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!!!?!? HOW can less than 45 minutes of talking to someone about getting a cat allergy prescription and a podiatry meeting cost over $1000? 

This is NOT okay. What are insurance companies/corporations/the government/people against socialized healthcare thinking? Honestly. How could 45 minutes ever amount to $1000 in health coverage. What are they, high class hookers? (YES, yes they are.)

Photo via
Photo via

Since I am college educated and vastly underemployed (thank you, Bush-era everything and Wall Street jerkfaces), I’m on my mother’s health insurance. She is a school teacher. 6th grade. Do you think paying $575.40 in three minor, less than 15 minute doctor appointments is something a school teacher salary should be paying? Or that a school teacher’s monthly paycheck could afford?

I am afraid for my future man. Healthcare shouldn’t cost that much. I don’t care about doctor’s salaries and how they feel they should be paid a lot. You know what, everyone feels they should be paid a lot of money for the job they do. Janitors, anyone? Waste management? Teachers dealing with this awful corn-syrup, ADHD generation? Yeah.

There are families that can’t even go to the doctor, because their job doesn’t provide healthcare. Why do some people feel it’s more important for businesses to make money that to care for their employees? We live in a sick, sad, disconnected world.

INFURIATION. What can be done about this healthcare issue? This is SO ridiculous.

You know, for being conditioned to think we have the highest standard of living in the world, it’s pretty blaringly obvious that we don’t, when the majority of the country can’t afford healthcare.

4 thoughts on “Infuriation: Healthcare costs

  1. We are in Dubai and my husband has been so furious about the ridiculous charges levied on the common man in health scams etc ! Insurance companies and doctors are just looting people in a big way ! Your post is so correct.

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