Music: Crocodile’s Clock

The self-titled EP from Crocodile's Clock. Photo via
The self-titled EP from Crocodile

The first (and only) time I met Crocodile’s Clock singer Pat G. was in 2008 at a dance club in São Paulo, Brazil called Clube Glória, when she was still in high school and I was studying abroad. (I think it was a Yelle concert but I can’t remember!)

Through the genius of Facebook and social networking, 4 years later I am sipping on coffee on a different continent and listening to her and bandmate Thom Levisky’s new self-titled EP, Crocodile’s Clock. The sweet and simple folk music is reminiscent of summers spent around bonfires contemplating life and love. My favorite track is definitely “Love is Not Enough.” So true!

Singing in both Portuguese and English, the Brazilian duo composed songs on the album that could be in literally any indie movie ever filmed. Their song “Bob’s Song” (although not featured on the EP) was even featured in the soundtrack of the Brazilian movie “As Melhores Coisas do Mundo” (The Best Things in the World).

Check out “Bob’s Song” below and download their free EP here.

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