Gross: Dane Cook

Dane Cook has finally resurfaced out of the probable dirty butthole he was living in. And oh hey! He performed a terrible set at the Laugh Factory in LA that was described by T.J. Miller as “vicious, misogynistic, cruel, and arrogant.”



First of all, anyone who likes Dane Cook needs to be in life rehab. That guy has never been funny. He’s like the marginally acceptable kid who clung on to the popular turds in high school, hoping to be a huge turd himself. Sadly, he never achieved turd status and had to settle in with the dingleberries.

Seriously, fuck any guy who thinks talking about women like this is funny. It’s just sad. Nobody thinks it’s cool when you “fuck whores” like a chainsaw. A) that’s bad form and B) GROSS. Sleeping around isn’t that cool, it’s kinda sad, man.

Trusted friend and future guest blogger Michael says “I feel like now he’s doing way too much coke to be funny.” Sounds about right!


Dane Cook, and any man who thinks or acts like this, listen up. Stop it. It’s not cool to be a total jerkface dingleberry. So cut the string and dingle your berry somewhere else.

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