Amazing: Breakthrough in invisibility cloak, Harry Potter fans rejoice

WHAT the serious what!?

Soon we'll all look like floating heads. Also, screw diets! Photo via
Soon we'll all look like floating heads. Also, screw diets! Photo via

A breakthrough has been made in invisibility cloak technology. I know people, I know. HOLY FUCKING SHIT.

According to BBC, “Researchers have “cloaked” a three-dimensional object, making it invisible from all angles, for the first time. However, the demonstration works only for waves in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum. It uses a shell of what are known as plasmonic materials; they present a “photo negative” of the object being cloaked, effectively cancelling it out.” Awesome. What a great beginning to cloakdom. Someday people, it will be ours.

Can you imagine, invisibility cloaks in actual life? People are gonna get into so much trouble, it’s gonna be hilarious.

Firstly, Harry Potter role-play will get even more realistic. Also, can you imagine the show “Cheaters” with invisibility cloaks? Knives coming out of nowhere, punches to the face from invisible sources and gun shots appearing out of nowhere. That sounds pretty dangerous actually.

Maybe monogamy will make a comeback simultaneously with the invention of the invisibility cloak. “I’m going to follow you, and if I catch you cheating, I’m going to murder you both horribly.” It’s what Jesus would have wanted.