Forever Young: The Ice Cream Man

Not quite the same child memory, but similar nonetheless. Image via

Ahh, the days of the Ice Cream Man. You’d pray for him to come down your street, count your nickels 10 times over to make sure you had a whole dollar and wait for what seemed like fo. ev. a. Once in a while I’ll hear the bells of the ice cream man, and be taken back to a time where our parents warned us about strangers and pedophiles but we didn’t give a shit because “that big van has ice cream, suckaz!!” Those were the days!

Food: Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt is fucking awesome

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This shit is so good. If you’re looking for a way lighter alternative to ice cream bars, these greek frozen yogurt bars from Yasso are a true delight. Sometimes ice cream can be heavy, super sugary and not congruent with yo fitness plan. I tried the strawberry ones and they were perfectly light and a hint of fruit that would be even more perfect on a super hot, sunny day.

Read all the nutrition facts. They are awesome. Like, 6 grams of protein and 70 calories awesome. Also, the same as eating one egg. Weird.

Doesn’t it feel good to be eating frozen treats again?! I’m sure there will be days when it’s banana float with caramel and whipped cream time, but for days when you want something light and sweet without all the added sugar, these are BOMB.