Amazing: 17 year old girl creates nanoparticle to possibly cure cancer


This is what doing your homework gets you. She’s a genius! 17-year-old Angela Zhang says that she “created a nanoparticle that’s kind of like the Swiss Army knife of cancer treatment in that it can detect cancer cells, eradicate the cancer cells and then monitor the treatment response. So the major aim of the project was to personalize cancer medicine.”

AMAZING. You go, Glen Coco.

Zhang said she was motivated by her great grandfather and grandfather who both died of cancer. I’m sure her family, as well as families around the world who have been touched by cancer in their families, are excited about this groundbreaking news.

THIS is why education is important! Who knows what students with the right resources can create and innovate?!

Zhang won $100,000 and is deciding between Stanford and Harvard for college. Work it, girl.