Food: Do your 3pm coffee right


Coffee + french vanilla yogurt with blackberries, raspberries, vanilla granola and nilla wafers. Just as amazing as it sounds.

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Food: Berries are delicious

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I’ve never been one of those people that pick the ‘three berry’ option. You know, three berry pie, three berry muffin, three berry smoothie, etc. If I had to choose, I’m strawberry or GTFO. I mean, berrylicious is a really bad pun, and it’s ALL OVER any semblence of a berrylicious food. Besides, when berries aren’t in season, or they have to come from a far away place, they are kind of small, wilty and covered in sugar.

I recently embarked upon a dire mission, one to end the end of all ends: grocery shopping. It’s summer, and light, fluffy things are everywhere. It creates this sort of over-the-top need to consume light super things, a la ice cream (holy shit, ICE CREAM. This place in Edina is the shit.), salads and BERRIES.

Not what I was looking for. I forgot these existed. I’m always shocked when I learn someone has one, like Lady Gaga or anyone on Gossip Girl. Image via

Think about raspberries. Blackberries. BLUEBERRIES!!! It’s an awakening. Berries are juicy, filled with anti-oxidents and are so, so yummy.

Here are some light berry-centered things to drive you crazy hungry with!

  • Fluffy, amazing pancakes with berries and whipped cream (ps why is there not a specialty drive through pancake joint? Should we start one?)
  • A homemade, fresh berry pie (because pies are always better homemade and freshly made)
  • French vanilla yogurt, vanilla almond crunch granola, raspberries and blackberries
  • Vanilla ice cream with balsalmic berries

I recently had a strawberry balsalmic cupcake at Sweet Retreat and it was PHENOMENAL. SO in love with berries!